Dear Valued Guest, The Resort is closed during winter season. All activity programs including Restaurant menus will be uploaded shortly before the Resort opens for the summer.

Meet Lollo Bernie

Come and join the Lollo & Bernie KidsClub! We organize a lot of activities such as:

Action Sports - Enjoy a mixture of fun & sport activities together including races, tournaments and fun competitions.

Mini Adventures - Do you want to travel around the world with Lollo and Bernie? Can you find the magical Prize? Follow us on exciting adventures with Lollo and Bernie.

Mini Games – Come and have fun and play many different games such as parachute games, board games and general games including Duck, Duck, Goose, Detective and The Bean Game.

Mini Creations - Making magnificent masks, get messy, using our own handprints to create animals or make your own Lollo Headband you can show her at Mini disco.

Mini Aqua - fun water games including what’s the time Bernie bear, the big fill and bucket and spoon relays and water fights!

All kids from 3 – 11 years old can enjoy the activities. The Lollo and Bernie Kids Club is located next to kids pool. Check the Holiday Planner for an overview of all the children activities.

Lollo and/or Bernie walk around the hotel area, the pools, the breakfast area. They hug and wave to all the children. For a detailed schedule and information about where and when to meet Lollo & Bernie, see the Holiday Planner.

Lollo & Bernie have a day off every Friday but you can see them around the pool and at Mini Disco every other night!

You can also order Lollo & Bernie items from our worldwide webshop and get them sent directly to your home address.